Scripters requirements.

Share your server scripts with the community! ( After those lazy developer bums implement scripting support )
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Post by nemerle » Mon Jul 10, 2006 10:15 am

If you ever scripted any mmo's I would welcome your thoughts/requests concerning anything that would ease your scripting life :)
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Post by slithers » Sun Jul 23, 2006 9:22 am

i would say avoid writing a scripting language and let us use the native language of the emu. lock the core in an .exe so that basic functionality cannot be broken by the casual user and just release well written documents on methods and classes for "scripters" to use.

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Post by neizarr » Thu Jul 27, 2006 6:47 pm

That should be the cardinal rule of writing a scripting language. Even things which seem like they would be too complex to deal with or too intensive to actually intercept, expose it anyway. The reason is simply that different people will have different requirements. Some will want to run servers for 1000 users, and others for only 2-5, some will have computers that are powerful and others that are budget systems, and the specs of those two types of systems will change as time proceeds. Within a year tye typical budget system may easily eclipse 'power users' systems. So you just can't predict what people will need access to, and have to assume they will be happiest to have access to everything possible.

And I do mean everything. Combat at the "swing level" should be exposed and allowed to be altered. This means being able to catch a single combat round, determine on your own whether it is a hit or a miss and what damages are inflicted, or allowing the emulator to determine a hit or miss or damage. Movement at the step level, being able to intercept a step and tell the emulator whether or not you wish to deny the move or allow it or have the emulator handle it as normal.

If there is something that can possibly be customized, no matter how intensive it might be on the system and seemingly "resource draining" it might seem to you, expose it and let it be hooked by scriptors. Using items for certain should be somethign hookable, and that should be for all items, no "special sorts" that can't be hooked. Ability to make things and people invisible at whatever levels the client will allow. Everything you can possibly think of and it won't be enough. :)

So always, always, alwyas, err on the side of exposing the emulator internals to the scriptor and you will be happiest and have the least amount of requrests for more exposure later which will be annoying to have to go back and do retroactively if you have designed it without such in mind.

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