An Awesome Story about CoX and SEGS

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An Awesome Story about CoX and SEGS

Post by MobbyG » Thu Jul 26, 2018 3:58 am

So, in my "job" doing social media for the project, I keep tabs on the various social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. After posting the picture Broxen shared in the discord chat of the work he's been doing with the powers tray, I posted it to Reddit and Twitter. Well, BoldArch who is a member of the City of Heroes subreddit, posted a story about what CoX means to him, and he linked me personally and the volunteers here to thank us. In all honesty, the devs make my job easy when they toss things like this out there for me to run with. And I'm glad what they have given me, has made it possible to get us a few write ups on some gaming blogs, and draw in a few more folks to help with coding and WebUI development. So here is the story he posted...
In 2005 I was 16 years old, didn't have a single friend, and I was bullied relentlessly and was pushed to the point of snapping. After some legal trouble resulting from the snap, I thought my life was effectively over. I was confined to my home, was bitter about the world and hated my life and everyone including my family.

I took to games as an escape but always jumped around and never could play a game for more than 2 weeks. I loved comics and superheroes and always dreamed about an alternate reality where I can have superpowers and just escape.

I remember the day that the August 2005 issue of PC Gamer came in and on the back was a demo disc of City of Heroes. I never heard of the game, but daydreamed about a game where I can choose my powers and fight bad guys throughout a city. Initially, I thought to myself that this game could never live up to my expectations, but then I tried it....oh man...after an hour I knew this was my dream game come true.

I feel in love with this game. Every month I would scrounge the couch cushions for loose change and do whatever it took to get the money and pay for the monthly subscription.

One day I was going through the hollows and saw this empathy defender parked out by the edge of the safe area healing people as they came in from near defeat. Trying to solo as an Earth/Emp controller meant I was having some difficulty, so I tried talking to this guy and seeing if he could help me. An earth/emp controller and an emp/electric defender didn't make the most effective team, but for the first time in my life I made a friend that would last to this day.

He eventually peer pressured me into joining ventrillo and joining him and a couple of his other buddies. To my surprise they were all much older than me, but they treated me like a regular person. Over the years conversing with them and having a social outlet gave me self-confidence that I was lacking in real life, and prevented me from taking a darker path in life.

To this day as a reasonably successful adult I owe so much to this game and those that gave me the time of day.

Ever since the shutdown of CoH I have been hopping from game to game in hopes that I would find a home similar to what I felt with City of Heroes. Even today I still daydream about CoH, where it could be today, playing with builds and concepts in Icon.

To u/k2mob
and the rest of the teaming bringing it back....I want to extend my deepest and heartfelt thank you. Even if something happens and the full idea never comes to fruition, I appreciate every single thing you have put in for this community.

Just...thank you.

PS. If anyone from Guardian, Freedom, or Liberty recognize any combination of Matt, Redd, 35, or Crazzie, let me know!
It's safe to say, that we can ALL be proud of what we have accomplished so far, and be thankful, Nemerle is the stubborn bastard he is, for keeping this going, while many of us were unaware of what was going on, till now.

TL;DR : BoldArch on the City of Heroes subreddit, posted a a thank you to the entire SEGS team for workong on this project and reminding him what CoX means to him.

Read the original post here...


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Re: An Awesome Story about CoX and SEGS

Post by broxen » Thu Jul 26, 2018 4:45 am

Awesome story!

With hard work and a little luck, one day we'll be able to run around the Hollows with BoldArch!

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