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Post by malign » Fri Sep 01, 2006 8:59 pm


We are pleased to announce that the CoHEmu Project is now open source.
We hope this will facilitate a more rapid development of the project. You should find that the software license is quite fair. It exists to protect developer's work and to ensure the project remains open source for future generations.

That being said, we have two new public services for the community.
For all those who do not know, SVN aka Subversion is a service that holds the CoHEmu source for all to see. You can grab a Windows client here:

If you're using Linux or a UNIX derivative, check your package system for a client.

There is no username or password required. It is anonymous read-only access. Which means that you can get the entire source code for the project.

The SVN URL to use for checking out sources is below:


Lastly, us devs have been using the Trac system internally for about 10 months. We are now opening that system up to the public as well. Trac is a nice tool that includes a wiki to share ideas for the project, a ticketing system for tracking bugs and features, a source repository viewer and a number of other useful features.
This tool is accessed via web browser at the following URL:

It is only accessible via SSL HTTP for security reasons (namely auth for project members). So, make sure you use "https" (note the 's') and not vanilla "http".

Nemerle has created two new developer sections in the forum. You can share code changes and patches there. If it is warranted, we will implement the code and/or fixes and give credit to any authors. If you feel you would like to take a more active role with the project, that could also be arranged. SVN write access will only be granted to those who have shown they can contribute and have the desire to do so.

We would like to thank everyone who has stuck by us for the past year. We would also like to personally thank Fork for doing a lot of grunt work on the forum and IRC and sticking with it for months on end. Many thanks. We <3 you. =)

Everyone, enjoy! For tonight, we eat and drink!


Posts: 61
Joined: Fri Sep 02, 2005 11:39 pm

Post by malign » Fri Sep 01, 2006 9:11 pm

Oh, "PS". Please let us know on the forum or in IRC if Trac begins behaving funky. What I am concerned about are "Internal Server" errors. This just means that the connections have been maxed out to the backend. I may need to play with the numbers a bit to facilitate the extra flood of users using Trac. We've only used it internally with no ill effects. I am concerned about multiple people accessing Trac simultaneously (5+ probably). We shall see.


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